Prevent the page from scrolling to an element when it is focused

An element can be focused by either using the autofocus="true" attribute or calling the element.focus() method. In both cases, the browser will automatically scroll the element into the viewport. It is not a problem in most cases but I have seen a few scenarios where we would like to avoid the behaviour.
For example, focusing on a text field inside a modal automatically might scroll the page to the top.
There are two solutions to prevent this behaviour.

Use the preventScroll option

We can pass the preventScroll option to the focus() method as following:
preventScroll: true,
However, the option is not fully supported in all browsers. Check out the web-platform-tests and Can I use pages.

Scroll to the previous point

This approach works in all browsers. We store the mouse location before calling the focus() method, and then scroll to that location later:
const x = window.scrollX;
const y = window.scrollY;
// Scroll to the previous location
window.scrollTo(x, y);