Change the website favicon

The following function changes the favicon to url:

const setFavicon = function(url) {
    // Find the current favicon element
    const favicon = document.querySelector('link[rel="icon"]');
    if (favicon) {
        // Update the new link
        favicon.href = url;
    } else {
        // Create new `link`
        const link = document.createElement('link');
        link.rel = 'icon';
        link.href = url;
        // Append to the `head` element

When you want to update the favicon dynamically, for example, to user's icon in a social website:


Use an emoji as the favicon

Note that the setFavicon() function above accepts the favicon's URL. We can have some cool thing by passing a custom URL.

In the code below, we create a canvas element, fill it with a particular emoji and get the custom URL:

const emojiFavicon = function(emoji) {
    // Create a canvas element
    const canvas = document.createElement('canvas');
    canvas.height = 64;
    canvas.width = 64;

    // Get the canvas context
    const context = canvas.getContext('2d');
    context.font = '64px serif';
    context.fillText(emoji, 0, 64);

    // Get the custom URL
    const url = canvas.toDataURL();

    // Update the favicon

// Usage

Might be useful