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Attach or detach an event handler

Use the on attribute (not recommended)

You can set the event handler via the on{eventName} attribute, where eventName represents the name of event. For example:

ele.onclick = function() {

// Remove the event handler
delete ele.onclick;

This approach isn't recommended because we can only attach one handler for each event. Setting the onclick attribute, for example, will override any existing handler for the click event.

Use the addEventListener method

const handler = function() {

// Attach handler to the `click` event
ele.addEventListener('click', handler);

// Detach the handler from the `click` event
ele.removeEventListener('click', handler);

Note that the event name is passed as the first parameter in both the addEventListener and removeEventListener methods. It differs from the first approach which requires to prefix the event name with on.

If you want the handler to be invoke once, then look at the Create one time event handler post.

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